Library Faq

1.  How do I get a library card?

Your college ID card is your Library card. You get ID card once your admission process is completed.

2.  What happens if I don’t bring my library card?

Library cards should be presented to borrow books . If the card is not presented you are not eligible to borrow books.

3.  What happens if I lose my library card?

You can get a replacement card at the Office. Stolen cards are the responsibility of the owner until reported to the library.

4.  How do I know the  rules and regulations of the Library?

Please go through the Library website and Library Blog.

5.  What are various library facilities/services available for me?

The following services are available for you in the library:
     i)  Reference    ii)  Circulation    iii)  Reprography    iv)  Scanning    v)  Access to online resources.

6.  How may circulation counters are there in the library?
There is one circulation counter to borrowing books.

7.  How many OPAC/online resources searching PC’s in the library?

In Library four computers are available for browsing those things.

8.  How can i search for a book to the  library catalogue?
You can use our OPAC http://rajlib/main.asp, search catalogue, type the title of the book, subject, author or any keyword or word in the title and click Search button. The books will be displayed with details like status of availability, to whom issued and number of reservations. If book is issued, you can reserve the book by asking a reservation request form from the Issue Counter.

9.  How do I know if the book is in &how do i get it from the shelf ?
Check ‘Status’ on the catalog for searched book. The ‘Status’ in the catalog indicates that the book is ‘Available’ or ‘Issued out”.you can use the call number of the catalogue for getting available books from the shelf.

10.  Can I photocopy a full book?
No, you cannot. You will be violating copyright rule. Photocopying facility is restricted to 20 pages per book/per user.

11.  How do I use laptop in the library?
You can use in the library and Wifi Connectivity is available in the library. 

12.  Are there  Research Carrels available ?
Yes. Separate carrels has been made in the library especially for Research Scholars & Foreign students.where they can  use laptop with WiFi connectivity.

13.  How do I access OPAC, Online databases and Rajagiri Digital Repository?
You can access the  OPAC & Digital Repository through the Campus LAN access. But in the case of using subscribed databases are strictly allowed inside the library because of IP based.

14.  How do I know if the book is in?

Check ‘Status’ on the catalog for searched book. The ‘Status’ in the catalog indicates that the book is ‘Available’ or ‘Checked Out’.

15.  How do I know the Reference Book?

Reference books are labeled ‘Reseved’ with an icon as shown. These books are not for loan and can be referred inside the library.

16.   How many times can I renew an item borrowed?

There is no facility for Renewal in the same day. If the same copy of the title is available in the library you can change it.

17.  How do I get reserved books?

Reserved books are issued for one day through the overnight service [from 6pm to 8am]

18.  How do I sort library issues? 
All circulation related matters must be sorted out at the circulation desk itself. Complaints or grievances must be given in writing to the Librarian. However, cases regarding waiver of any clause in library rules will not be entertained.

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